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I ordered this vacuum cleaner as an extra to use upstairs. I needed a hand vac but I didn’t want to pay Dyson prices so I ordered this not expecting it to be comparable. I just needed to be able to vacuum up a quick mess and I needed it to work well enough. But honestly, this product is comparable and available at a fraction of the price. I’ve done a video review to show all of the attachments and the options. It has some clever design that actually is more clever than its competitor including an interchangeable and easily cleaned brush as well as an adjustable pole. I have a V-8, I would definitely say that this vacuum lasts about the same length of time with me changing the suction power pretty frequently during use. It’s also a great feature that you do not have to hold down the trigger button the entire time, definitely a hand saver, and that is a key difference between this vacuum and Dyson.

MBA Squared

Mon ancien aspirateur étant fatigué, j'ai décidé d'en changer en y mettant un peu plus les moyens.
J'ai donc opté pour ce modèle qui remplissait mes critères.

Le fait que ses brosses soient motorisées est vraiment pratique car ça ramasse beaucoup plus de poussière qu’un aspirateur classique !

Il y a même des LED au niveau de la brosse qui s'allument pour illuminer les endroits sombres et cibler la poussière.

Tous les accessoires fournis sont de bonne qualité, le plastique utilisé est épais.

Côté accessoires on retrouve la brosse principale, un rouleau pour sol dur, un rouleau pour tapis, une autre brosse plus petite pour le canapé ou les sièges de la voiture (avec un embout pour aspirer sur les tissus)
Le support mural est également fourni.

⭐ Hkn ⭐

Livraison : au top comme à chaque fois avec Amazon, livré I jours plus tôt que la date annoncée

Packaging : Classique et simple, l'aspirateur ainsi que ces accessoires sont très bien protégés.

Déballage : Aspirateur, base a fixé au mur, transformateur, petit suceur long, suceur canapé 2 positions, un filtre d'avance ainsi qu'une brosse supplémentaire.


La nuova frontiera delle aspirapolveri è stata fortemente segnata dall’introduzione da parte di Dyson di queste particolari scope elettriche con effetto ciclonico. Destinate a far scomparire gradualmente dalla scena i classici aspirapolveri a bidone/ovetto rappresentano il nuovo standard nelle pulizie domestiche.

È la seconda scopa elettrica che acquisto, ma questa volta l’ho regalata a mia madre che utilizza un aspirapolvere di circa 15 anni che ha oramai perso di efficacia.

Spedizione ultraveloce (24 ore) grazie al servizio Amazon Prime a cui sono abbonato e che mi garantisce la gratuità dei costi di spedizione. Pacco ben imballato ed arrivato integro esente da colpi o botte.

The Saint

I’ve had many different vacuums over the years but they often fail to meet my needs. The robot vacuums have been my latest interest but they are difficult to automate and the kids end up destroying them. As such I have reverted back to a traditional stick vacuum. Bought this one just before Christmas and have been using it since receiving it. The 26kpa suction is very good making the vacuum ideal for our carpets in addition to the hard floors. Emptying the vacuum doesn’t require you to put your hand into the waste pot and scoop it out which was the case with my old stick vacuum, crazy. The battery hasn’t been an problem at all and has allowed us to use the vacuum several times without need to charge it. Good purchase


This vacuum is new today and I am super impressed. Compared to my previous piece of *****, this is a total game changer! It looks cool, it's simple to work out how to assemble and use. It's lightweight yet with surprisingly good suction. On a full charge - 3 lights on the battery - I did a quick go, on full power, over all the floors coverings (short pile carpets [as usually, covered in my molted long hair!], and vinyl floors) of my flat , - and it was only down to 2 lights, I'd have expected 1 or 0. Smallish dust bin maybe, compared to some but super easy to empty and also to pull out any clumpier bits / hairs etc because you can open the dust bin both ends. Filters are washable :) Spare HEPA filter included. 2 different brushes - one for hard floors and one for carpets - really easy to swap these over.