Appliances don't work

If the vacuum cleaner stops working completely, in many cases, it is not that the vacuum cleaner is broken. It may be caused by the wrong way of using, the vacuum cleaner accessories are damaged, the internal devices are blocked, and the vacuum cleaner is overheated. We need to start from the working principle of the vacuum cleaner to find out the cause of the vacuum cleaner's problem, and then we can solve the problem of the vacuum cleaner not vacuuming. This guide introduces some methods, which can be tried when the vacuum cleaner stops working.
1. Damage to the power switch: impact during transportation or negligence on the production line may cause the switch to shift, be damaged, or fall off. When you find a similar situation, please do not repair the machine without authorization, contact the after-sales team of the seller and let the professional technicians solve it.
2. The internal device is blocked: After the vacuum cleaner is used for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether the dust collection cup is full and whether there is any blockage in the pipe. When the dust cup is too full or clogging occurs, in order to protect the machine's motor from being burned out due to excessive operation due to blocking, the machine will start automatic protection and form a "stop" state. In this case, just clean up the garbage and restart it.
3. Vacuum cleaner overheating protection: In order to extend the service life of the motor, the vacuum cleaner is generally equipped with an overheating protection function. If the machine is used for a long time, the heat cannot be removed in time, and the protection may be triggered. The vacuum cleaner needs to be placed in a cool, ventilated environment to cool down for a period of time before reuse.
4. The parts are not assembled in place or the parts are damaged:We need to install and use the vacuum cleaner according to the instructions. In addition, if you encounter any problems during installation and use, you can contact us through the after-sales mailbox on the manual.



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