Reasons for reduced machine battery life

The reason for the weakened battery life may not only be related to the battery life of the product itself, but the user's improper use habits may also cause the suction power to weaken.

  1. Natural aging and loss of batteries. After many times of charging and discharging, the actual capacity of the battery will become smaller. The specific manifestation is that the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner increases and the battery life decreases. In order to extend the battery life of the vacuum cleaner, we need to avoid artificially causing the battery capacity loss, such as the vacuum cleaner charging time is too long, and the vacuum cleaner is turned on and off many times in a short period .
  2. The battery self-discharges. Self-discharge refers to the natural loss of battery capacity when the vacuum cleaner has not been used for a long time. After we have not used the machine for a long time, we need to fully charge the battery pack before using it again.
  3. Power loss caused by extreme temperature. When the vacuum cleaner is used in a high temperature or extremely cold environment, the operating power and heat dissipation speed of the motor will be affected, and the power consumption rate will be faster than that under normal temperature.
  4. The battery pack is not fully charged. Improper use of the charger caused insufficient charging voltage and was unable to fully charge the battery. Please use the official adapter that matches the machine for charging.

In short, users should try their best to ensure that the battery pack is fully charged before using the vacuum cleaner. When storing, try to choose a dry and ventilated area.



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