Laresar Evol 3s Robot Vacuums

  • 🌪️【4000Pa Super Strong Suction Power】Evol 3s Robot Vacuum is equipped with an incredibly powerful suction that effortlessly sucks up all types of dirt and debris from your floors. Its integrated dust box ensures your home stays clean and tidy at all times. This robot hoover features a cutting-edge Japanese motor for maximum cleaning efficiency.
  • 🧹【Vacuum & Mop & Sweep 3 in 1】Evol 3s Robotic Vacuum not only sweeps and vacuums but also supports mopping functions. All three functions in one can bring great convenience to cleaning. The separate dust container and water tank are easy to clean. And It can vacuum and mop at the same time, saving significantly on cleaning time.
  • 💿【7.6CM Ultra Slim】With a body of only 7.6cm, Evol 3s Robotic Vacuum is thinner and lighter than the same gyroscopic robot on the market. This allows it to move freely around your house, getting under furniture such as sofas and cabinets and cleaning out the deepest debris!
  • 🔋【150Min Long Battery Life】Evol 3s Robot Cleaner with Mop has an upgraded internal battery, which gives it a huge boost in battery life, and it can easily clean your entire house without interruption when fully charged. And when it runs out of battery, it can be recharged automatically. It also supports scheduled cleaning, freeing up your hands for good.
  • 📱【Multiple Control Methods】Evol 3s Robotic Hoover supports a variety of controls. In addition to button control, it comes with a remote control and support for connecting to a mobile smart app, which makes this robot very easy and convenient to use. It also supports pairing with Alexa and the Google Home smart speaker, so you can control the Evol 3's on/ off by voice without using your hands.
  • 🤖【Intelligent Carpet Detection】Evol 3s robot cleaner automatically recognises the carpet and increases the suction power on the carpet as it cleans. It cleans very well on short and medium pile carpets and is very effective at cleaning pet hair.

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