What is the automatic dust sensor of AUTO mode vacuum cleaner?


AUTO mode has a dust sensor function, which can automatically adjust the suction power of the machine through intelligent algorithms to achieve efficient and convenient cleaning according to the type of ground the brush head of the vacuum cleaner touches, and the status of dust and garbage. This type of vacuum cleaner generally has a digital display, which can directly display information such as the degree of dirt in the current clean environment, the suction strength of the machine, and the state of the machine.


1. Smart match cleaning intensity:

The vacuum cleaner can independently adjust the suction power through the autonomous perception and recognition of dust, so that consumers do not need to manually adjust the gear when cleaning, and they can do: When the amount of dust is large, the cleaning effect is strong and the cleaning effect is fast and good; When the amount is small, it will automatically switch to energy-saving cleaning mode, which not only cleans in place, but also has lower noise and longer battery life.

2. Intelligent presentation of environmental conditions

 When cleaning, it is not accurate to observe where and how dirty the home is only by naked eyes. Smart vacuum cleaners intelligently present the environmental conditions to users, and finally we can faithfully observe through the vacuum cleaner-whether it is dirty before cleaning, how dirty it is, and how clean it is after cleaning. It really makes cleaning a quantifiable and visual thing.



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