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Art of Smart Cleaning

Founded in 2019, Laresar is a cleaning equipment brand that integrates research, development, production, and sales, committed to creating a new generation of intelligent cleaning.
In ancient Rome, "Lares" meant "the patron saint of the family.".
Under the vision of "The Art of Intelligent Cleaning", Laresar hopes to improve the quality of life of users through artistic and practical products.

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What our customers say


Very Impressed!

My biggest concerns before purchasing this product were noise levels and the battery life, with this being my first cordless vacuum. I'm happy to report that both of these have been non-issues and I can clean the entire multistory house on a single charge without having to plug into different outlets constantly.I highly recommend this product!.


Great buy!

The vacuum maps the whole house accurately, love the options to vacuum a zone, split a room, block off areas, and many more options. The suction power is customizable, I have mine on standard. The mop cleans really well. The price is great for what you get.some higher end vacuums are charging way more for what you get with this one.

Kumar S

Amazing Vacuum !!! highly recommended one

Extremely worth it! one of my friend suggested this vacuum cleaner and i was quite impressed on the way it cleans with "Zero" manual effort,

The suction power is better than shark or any other vacuum cleaner in this budget, my area rugs and carpet are the cleanest, it’s cleaning power is amazing.


The vacuum automatically adjusts to the intensity that is needed!!

The Laresar Elite 5 vacuum automatically adjusts to the intensity needed for what you are vacuuming. I guess it is to save battery life. It lasts for a long time!!

It is so much better than the last cordless vacuum that I had, which never lasted very long at all.

Tiffany Rase

Awesome vacuum!

I am so glad that I invested in the Laresar L6 pro vacuum. So smooth and quiet and it made perfect lines in my carpet. I use it every day and it looks like my house was just professionally cleaned. So easy to use from your phone and it automatically empties itself when it returns to its base Immediately so no emptying of trays. Love how it goes back to its home base when it needs recharging. Truly an effortless vacuum with impeccable results!


Awesome Vacuum for Pet Hair!

This is my second Laresar vacuum, and I am SO happy with the suction power. I have two dogs, both medium/long hair, and this vacuum really gets the job done. My rugs are nice and clean, I am able to use it on the couch as well because of it's light weight and easy mobility. I like that this vacuum stands up on its own so I don't need to worry about it falling over. I also love the wall mount that it came with too for easy storage. Overall, this is a high quality product at a good price.


Lightweight and easy to use

I really like this vacuum, it’s super lightweight and comes with a wall mount. I have two kids and this vacuum easily takes care of all the crumbs after mealtime, arts and craft, and after using the sensory bin.
The battery is an upgrade from the lower model, it easily lets me do all the rooms I need before needing to be recharged.
I like the new visual face, it starts on the medium suction level which is perfect most tasks. It’s easy to empty and has a big collection container.
Totally worth it.

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