How to deal with the weakening of suction power?

Many households now buy vacuum cleaners, but many people have discovered that after a period of time, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner will gradually decrease, and the cleaning effect will become worse. Laresar lists a few common reasons for the decrease in suction power for you, which is convenient for you to carry out independent investigation and improve the efficiency of vacuum cleaner products.

  1. The internal filtering device is blocked.

 In the process of using the vacuum cleaner, the filter used repeatedly is cleaned, and normal wear and tear will occur; a large amount of dust will pass through, and it will inevitably be partially left on the filter. If you encounter this situation, please try to wash it with clean water or replace it with a new HEPA filter. Note that the cleaned filter must be completely dried before it can be used.

  1. The ground brush is blocked by hair

A lot of filamentous substances are wrapped around the brush head of the vacuum cleaner, which will cause the area of ​​the suction port of the floor brush to become smaller and affect the dust suction effect. The solution is simple, just clean up all these filamentous substances.

  1. Abnormal air leakage in the air duct

 You can check whether the hose is damaged, whether the connection between the suction tube and the nozzle, the suction tube and the casing is correct, and whether the rubber sleeve is properly closed. The front and back, upper and lower casings are embedded and not tightly installed, and whether the sealing parts are damaged.

  1. The pipeline is blocked.

 Inadvertently inhaling large garbage, causing the pipeline to be blocked. At this time, as long as you clean the pipe, the vacuum cleaner can restore the suction power.

In fact, the suction power of every vacuum cleaner will decrease during long-term use. Part of the reason is related to the product design, and part of the reason is related to the personal use habits of consumers. Pick a good vacuum cleaner and develop a good use habit. Delay the occurrence of this problem. Of course, a machine with strong suction and good durability will save a lot of trouble. We recommend to you Laresar Elite pro vacuum cleaner with super suction power, it will provide you with satisfactory service.



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