Laresar L6 Pro

  • 🎄【How Professional It is】The rechargeable robot vacuum cleaner uses the advanced SLAM lidar (Sampling Rate: 2160 times per second) to ensure quick mapping. It has 23 sensors and TOF sensor to prevent falling and anti-collision. In addition, it adopts the Japanese Nidec brushless fan with the strongest suction of 3500pa, really is your best choice for a large and complex home environment.
  • 🎄【How Easy Your Life Will Be】The automatic robot vacuum integrates sweeping, mopping, sweeping & mopping (3-in-1) to meet your various requirements for cleaning rooms. Its 3.5L disposable dust bag holds up to 60 days of dirt and debris, freeing your hands and preventing dust allergies. You can also add Smart Life to the Alexa and Google Assistant apps and then directly control Laresar L6 pro turn on and off by your voice.
  • 🎄【How to Start Up】First, place the Laresar Smart Robot Vacuum and Mop in its upright position and desired area in your home. After connecting to power, please follow the Quick Start Guide (included in the package) to download the app and register for first time users to log in. All the operations can be directed on the app, simple and convenient. Of course, if you need an extra operation video please let us know.
  • 🎄【What Is the Most Important】Laresar is committed to providing products of high quality. We really cherish all the support of every customer. In order to obtain high-quality products, we strictly control the production process. Sincerely hope this robot will help you a lot and increase the happiness of your family life.
  • 🎄【What about the Warranty】We provide a 2-year free warranty service. And you just need to contact us to activate it. In addition, we provide considerate after-sales service. If you have any problem or suggestion, please feel free to tell us. Our team will answer you within 24 hours. Thank you for choosing Laresar.

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Customer Reviews

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Having problem after 1 month

It keeps saying to clean the wall sensor. I have tried everything and it’s not working. It stopped the machine from doing its job and it’s frustrating.

Marian Andrei Cosmescu
It does the job, smarter than other models.

It does the job, I got laminated flooring and we use it couple times a week. I have it for almost a year now. I've seen some other models with spinning mops and self washing/drying/emptying but the price is over 1000£, I will probably upgrade in the future but for now we'll keep this one. The price was fair with discount coupon from Amazon. If Laresar release a model with higher suction and all the options I mentioned upper I'll probably try one. The map needs improvement and more accurately displaying, some updates would be great also. I will say it worth the money and if you'r looking for something around 3 4 hundreds this will do the job. Also the customer service was so nice. I've asked them where I can get extra mop and bags and they offered as gift. I bought the product in December 2022.

Carole Anne Ritchie
Love mine

I’ve had mind a few weeks now and love everything about it. I work 12 hour nightshifts as a nurse and my partner is also working very long hours as a chef. We just don’t have time to clean and the majority of the cleaning (if not all of it) is generally left for me anyway. So I’d had enough and decided to take a plunge and buy this. We got it on Amazon on a monthly payment plan which has made this affordable for us. I have to say this is my new best friend! It has hoovered my home effortlessly. I love that I can use a spot clean as well. Living with a messy partner and two messy chinchillas, it has made my life much better! On my limited days off, I can do other household things while this cleans for me, so cuts down monotonous tasks for me and gives me more time for myself/relaxing! or I can set it so I’m coming home to a spotless house. I feel more relaxed and can’t recommend it enough.

For those confused about what to put in the water for the mopping function, it is only meant to be a wipe of a clean and only warm (not boiling) water is supposed to be used. I like this feature just to freshen up the floors, but we still mop properly once a week. I also love that it maps out the home and you can see where it is in real time and the area it has cleaned. The suction is great in my opinion. It occasionally sucks up things that get stuck, such as wooden slices my chinchillas throw out of their cage. The machine tells me “abnormal middle brush” and pauses so I can remove it, then I just hit continue and it goes on its way.

Downsides - instructions are terrible, but there are lots of places for info online and robot speaks in broken English (“ I E AM here”) which is quite funny but a bit annoying for a £500 product.

I will be absolutely gutted if this breaks, as others have said there’s stopped working. If this happens I will absolutely be changing my review, but as it stands currently this is the best thing I’ve ever bought!

Very Disappointed

After having moved into my custom built house with all but 2 bedrooms of vinyl flooring and a long haired dog, one of my first purchases was a robotic vacuum cleaner. Friends and family kept telling me to buy a product with a name I was more familiar with, sadly I did not. I was especially pleased at having a product that could do it all, vacuum, self empty, and scrub floors. I have yet to get any real information as to what product I should use on floors, receive the gift that was to be included, or any real help in setting specific cleaning areas. I said OK, I can live without gift and eventually find cleaning product, but shortly after the allowed return time passed, the vacuum started to not do a very good job. It leaves dirt and dog hair thus causing me to have to re-charge and red0 every time I use it.

I would suggest anyone purchasing this product to give it very hard use immediately so if you are dissatisfied you can return it.

Considering the cost of these cleaners I can't just get rid of this one and buy a new one, so I am stuck with it. I would gladly pack it up and return it for a full refund if that was an option but I have had it for more than 30 days.

Again, if you purchase one of these, definitely give it a good workout before your time to return expires.

Chad Myers
Horrible Product, Awful Support, and Non-existent replacement parts.

Vacuum no longer functions properly after 5 months of use. Scatters dirt and debris around my floor, can't find it's home station. Contacted support, they gave me the run around asking for what error codes the unit was spouting off (so many I can't even understand it), and I simply cannot find replacement brushes for the vacuum. I ordered a main brush replacement FROM LARESAR's Amazon page that said it was compatible with my specific unit. Nope, didn't fit. Now I have a busted non-functioning unit with no brush and no help. STEER CLEAR! Do not blow $400+ like I did.