Laresar Ultra 7 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Unrivaled Suction Power: Ultra 7 features a potent 550W brushless motor, delivering an astounding 45Kpa suction power. Say goodbye to worries about pet hair on the carpet, spilled snacks, or backaches from prolonged manual cleaning. Experience hands-free garbage disposal and a powerful carpet-cleaning companion.

Durable with Extended Battery Life: Equipped with detachable 8 x 2500mAh batteries,exceeding the performance of most products in the market. Fully charged in 4 hours, it runs for 60 minutes in ECO mode, ensuring swift and enduring home cleaning. Bid farewell to interruptions and recharge hassles.

Anti-Clog and Tangle-Free Design: The upgraded floor brush effortlessly absorbs debris, with increased torque and gentle soft bristles, ensuring compatibility with wooden floors. The V-shaped roller minimizes hair entanglement, while the 7-layer single-cone filtration reduces clogs. Enjoy a seamless cleaning experience with lower noise levels.

User-Friendly LED Screen and Modes: Monitor and adjust your vacuum's status anytime with the digital touch screen. Choose from three modes (Eco/Auto/Max) to meet diverse needs, perfect for pet-friendly households. The touchscreen design adds ease to your cleaning routine, offering a premium cleaning experience.

Versatile Attachments for Every Need: The flexible rotation and a range of attachments make dust and debris in corners, under beds, and along sofa crevices a thing of the past. Moreover, it comes with a convenient wall mount for easy storage and accessibility. The stand-up feature allows quick pauses during cleaning, perfect for answering calls.